The Best White Barndominium With Top 4 Designs (Updated Version)
Best White Barndominium

The farmhouse aesthetic is the new phenomenon that has overtaken the real estate market for the last couple of years. This has created a ripe consumer demand for barndominiums where the space is large, and affordable to own. It also does not require you to dole out high-budget maintenance and can withstand any unpredictable temperatures. These are just a few reasons why barndominiums are becoming lucrative in the market. 

Among the top barndominiums out there, a white barndominium is the first choice for many. The white ones can withstand heat and reflect the sunlight to keep insides. This article will discuss this topic in broad detail. Read on to find out. 

Is a White Barndominium Cheaper to Build Than a House?

Is White Barndominium Cheaper to Build Than House?

A white barndominium is affordable and relatively cheaper to build than regular and traditional residential or real estate. But a regular barndo must be installed with other features to be entirely suitable for living. 

According to some real estate experts, a barndominium is typically a barn converted into a residential house. A barn is not built to accommodate normal living conditions and must be installed with essential services and infrastructure. 

A white barndominium also saves money beyond the initial construction costs. The material with which it is made makes it durable and helps it to withstand extreme conditions–both natural and man-made. 

Top 4 White Barndominium with Black Designs

White Barndominium with Black Designs

As per some updates available on real estate websites, barndominiums are more cost-effective than most traditional homes and costs more than 30 dollars to 40 dollars as compared to 100 dollars. Here are some of the white barndominium:

1. White Barndominium With Black Roof and Trim

If there was any color that could accentuate the intricate designs of the barndo, it is white. A white barndominium with a black roof is the most trendy out of all the designs and most common in Tennessee. This design exudes simplicity in its designs.

  • The roofs are gentle and slanted and equipped with weather vanes and cupolas.
  • The walls are long and open onto an expansive porch big enough for entertaining guests.
  • The exterior is modest but the interior is elegantly arranged to suit the southern style.
  • It is resplendent with a rustic charm, natural greenery, and an earthy tone.
  • The color scheme is natural and the corrugated roof creates a unique aesthetic. 

2. White Barndominium With Black Trim

This design is particularly from the state of Texas. White barndominium with Black trim gives the same rustic aesthetic and a modern sensibility. The design is precise and immaculately arranged for a modern lifestyle. Here are some of the features:

  • The colors are contrasting with the surrounding environments.
  • The four tall windows give a feeling of grandeur and elegance. 
  • The interior design is a mix of modern and old-world design. 
  • The white walls are punctuated with floral designs to make it stand out.
  • The sliding doors are one of its distinguishing characteristics.

3. White Barndominium With Black Siding and White Trim

This design is one of the grandest of the white barndominium which are used only for residential spaces. The barndo is of medium size from three thousand four hundred square feet to five thousand square feet. 

  • This design gives priority to functionality rather than aesthetics.
  • The exterior is an industrial and expansive carport and high stone wall.
  • The interior exudes grandeur and elegance with high ceilings and tall doors.
  • The kitchen is huge with ample storage space.
  • The designs and the architecture are compatible with Southern sensibilities. 

4. White Barndominium With Wrap Around Porch

This is one of the most popular designs from Tennessee. The White Barndominium With Wrap Around Porch stands out for its uniqueness and the way it gives space for socializing and entertaining guests. The house generally has multiple colors on the outside and inside, making it diverse. 

  • The exterior color schemes are polychromatic i.e. they are of multiple colors. 
  • The white walls are lined with black windows.
  • The door frames are reinforced with gunmetal and colored brown from top to bottom. 
  • The wrap-around porch is spacious and suitable for outdoor leisure. 
  • There are rustic barn lights illuminating the driveway.

Why Should One Prefer White Barndominium?

Why White Barndominium?

A barndominium white combines the charm of the rustic rawness of rural life as well as modern sensibilities with appropriate design elements. The spaces are more expansive than the traditional homes and can be used for multiple purposes. Here are some of the reasons:


Many barndominium experts, especially those who builds barndominiums in Florida will tell you how versatile the color white is. White can work with any color trim, aesthetic design, or texture. It makes your house stand out regardless of the material you built it with. 

Elegance Look

White is considered to be a classic color. For the eyes, it is more appealing and appears more sophisticated than any other color in this world. For a small barndominium, it makes the house pop. 


One of the reasons to build a barndominium is because of its efficiency towards its energy. The color white can make it even more efficient by being a reflective surface to ward off the sunlight. This reduces the energy consumption required to cool down homes, thus reducing the barndominium cost.

Customizable color

White is a versatile color, and it can easily be personalized, which can appear very handy during renovations. You have to paint the entire exterior if you change the trimmings and door frames of other parts of the house.

Barnodominium Interior Design Ideas

Building a barndominium is a great idea but it will require some guidance to choose your designs. Here are some of them:

  1. You must choose a style that is compatible with your personality and your life choices. You can choose a rustic style home or go for an eclectic one. 
  2. Make sure you have enough space for entertaining the guests or functionality of the spaces.
  3. The most important is to figure out how many bedrooms you will need depending on the number of people living there.
  4. Try to incorporate natural light into your home to create a cozy atmosphere. 
  5. Personalize your interior decoration with a personal touch in your house. 

What are Some Other Color Options for the Barndominium?

A 2 story barndominium is the most popular among all designs, and it comes in numerous colors. Here are some suggestions:


Black is a universal color that adds elegance and sophistication to everything it touches. It can go with any trim color, texture, and accent.


Red is classic and traditional, bringing the rustic appeal and the farmhouse feel to the barndominiums for which they are famous. 


Gray is a neutral color and, like the color black, can add substantial grace and elegance. More gray is available in multiple forms, which enables experimentation. 


Green is a calm and soothing color that enables a sense of harmony with nature. The color easily blends with the surrounding landscape. 


Blue is the color’s coolness and depth. It adds personality to your barndo and makes your house barndo charming. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How much is a 2000 sq ft barndominium in Texas?

The cost to build a barndominium is about thirty dollars to forty dollars. So the total cost of two thousand square feet of barndominium is about $130,000 to $320,000. The range of prices fluctuates according to the material and facilities you want.

Q2. How can I design my barndominium?

Designing your own barndominium can be a rewarding and arduous task. First, you must get on with the floor designing and planning. Next, you have to decide on the color scheme of your house which you look up in any online catalog. Finally, you could add some accessories that add depth, character, and charm to your spaces. 

Q3. What are the challenges of building a barndominium? 

Building a barndominium can have its fair share of challenges:

  • Non-endurance in tropical or humid conditions.
  • Restrictions and permits.
  • Not enough features and comforts. 
  • Not enough lenders for borrowing. 


Building a white barndominium can be beneficial and hustle at the same time. In one way it can provide the charm of rustic environments and modern luxuries. On the other hand, it can be difficult to build one due to the unavailability of land, rules, laws, and restrictions. But it can be rewarding for the fact of durability and energy efficiency. Remember to plan properly and you are all set. 

The Best White Barndominium With Top 4 Designs (Updated Version)

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