Barndominium Shells: What Are They? How Much Does This Cost?
Barndominium Shell

Barndominiums have especially become extremely popular among inhabitants who are looking for cost-effective houses. Any barndominium is an upgraded version of a rural barn-like house that can be situated in certain areas away from the bustling cities.

So if you are looking to get away from the busy life of a city, then these barndominiums can be an excellent solution. In terms of the building material of the barndos, there are external layers that can be called barndominium shell. In this piece, we are going to extract a general idea about this material, but before that, let’s have a look at the basic features of the barndos.

What is Barndominium Shell?

A General Idea Of Barndominum Shell

The Barndominium shell is just the exterior part of the barndo. Barndominiums are highly customizable as assembling them can be easier than a traditional house, and it also takes less time to build a barndominium. In the first stage, you need to build a foundation to put up the exterior part of the building. Only after this can you move forward with the interior parts. In terms of the exterior part, it can be made of steel or wood.   

Hence, the entire exterior part of the brando here can be termed as a shell. Just like a shell, the building will be pretty much empty from the inside, as only after building the exterior part, you can move forward with the interior designs. You can choose plumbing work, wiring, different kinds of floor materials, and wall styles. 

Pricing of Barndominium Shell

Pricing Of Barndominum Shell

In the context of the pricing, all the barndominium shells are available with only walls and roofs as some suppliers offer them at the rate of $7000. Many options are available for you if you are looking for various ranges of barndominium shells in the market, like small barndominium.

These options do not need any front investment from you as this can lead you to more opportunities to create a dream house for your and your family’s requirements. 

Size of the Barndominium

The overall barndominium shell cost is pretty much dependent upon the overall size of the building as a 24×30 square foot will cost you less than a 60×50 square foot. With more square feet to cover, the house may require additional cost. 

Material of the Shell

The shell’s exact material is another crucial factor that may drive the barndominium shell cost. The more costly the material is it the higher the price from the owners. 

Now, there are a lot of options for barndominium shell in the market, so it is essential to understand what you actually require before choosing it. So now, let’s look at some of the best available options. 

Some Types of Barndominium Shell Providers 

In case you are looking to build a barndominium shell provider, then there are multiple options available for you in the market. Here are the top three options available that we will look at for your reference. 

1. Absolute Steel

Well, Absolute Steel is currently one of the biggest barndominium shell providers in the world, which can give you both a Do It Yourself option as well as a contractor option. 


  • These guys have the highest number of divisions from all over the country. 
  • They provide metal roofs and walls, barndominium shell kits, and Teton-style cabins, which are easier to erect than other styles. 
  • These cabins save a lot of time as they also can decrease labor costs. 


  • Within the package, they do not give you any quality cement slab. 

If you are looking for a barndominium with extra space, then a barndominium with a basement can be a great choice for you. However, here’s a dedicated article for barndominium with basement, you can check that for more information.

2. Worldwide Steel

Next, the Worldwide Steel barndominium shell providers provide their shipping service anywhere you live, whether you are building a 2 story barndominium yourself or through a contractor.


  • With their 30×40 buildings, you can have enhancements in the height of your building. 
  • You also can get windows in the size of 12 4×3. 


  • Unlike traditional ones, this shell design won’t allow you to make customized and spacious accommodations.

3. Shelter Kit

Finally, we have the Shelter Kit, which is one of the primary providers of Barndo shell, which provides strong quality built houses. There are various barndominium kits that you can check in our other dedicated article. 


  • The Shelter Kit provider offers a huge range of products like barndominium shell kits, one-story cabins, Custom houses, Goodfit house kits, and many more. 
  • You can design and style these according to your individual requirements. 


  • This barndominium shell provider will not offer any doors and windows and finished materials. 

Why Are Barndominiums Getting Popular?

Why Barndominium Shells Are Getting Popular?

There are a lot of reasons why barndominiums are getting extremely popular day by day. As for the construction and appearance, you might be asking who builds barndominiums in Florida and what features make this kind of housing so appealing. You can have a look at some of its basic features to get an idea of why it is demanded by so many people.

  • Barndominiums can be highly customizable as you can expand it any way you like. 
  • Barndominiums can have lower maintenance rates than traditional houses.  
  • Due to the modular aspect of the barndos these are pretty easy to build than other houses.
  • The time you need to assemble the house is also less than any traditional house.  
  • You can definitely go for more fancy options with higher ceilings and more luxurious spaces.    

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much is a barndominium shell?

In the case of barndo shell prices, it can be anywhere up to $25000 along with the floor. So in turn a 2000 square feet sized barndominium can go up to $200000. It is always better to use the engineered kits rather than build them from scratch as it can be cheaper. 

Q2. What comes with a barndominium shell?

In any verbiage barndominium shell package the provider of the metal slidings, exterior walls, roofing, barndominium shell kits, and many other such additional things. In the case of some other packages, it might also include doors and windows also. These generally come with a dry package. 

Q3. What are some of the best barndominium shell providers?

In case you are looking for barndominium shell providers there are multiple options available like Absolute Steel, Worldwide Steel, and Shelter Kit. Some of the other options are Allwood Outlet and Texas Barndominiums.  

Final Thoughts

In terms of quality barndominium shells at an affordable price, you might not find a better deal. They are not only one of the most renowned shell providers but also can be really cost-effective. The company provides high-quality barndominium shells with a starting price of $10000. Depending upon the size you require

Barndominium Shells: What Are They? How Much Does This Cost?

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